Asher’s Bakery case

As they say, you cannot have your cake and eat it’, but this has been blown out of all proportion being fined for refusing to bake a cake. They were accused discriminate against certain people well I do not think that that was the Asher’s intentions ‘it was not the case’’ what was the problem was what they wanted to be written on the cake was offensive’’ not the fact of baking them a cake.

This was against their Christian beliefs, and if they had done this it would have damaged their testimony as born-again believers, so they offered the refund.

The Bible makes it clear what is offensive’’ so I was just wondering if the court is going to summon the Almighty to the stand after all he made Adam and Eve and not Adan and Steve.

Is the Bible not still the highest book in the land which still used in our courts’’ to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth so helps me God.

Also, it was stated the person did not know it was a Christian bakery. So, what he stated it was taken as gospel so to speak. would it be possible for the court to ask for a lie detector test ‘’ after all this has cost us the taxpayer much money especially ‘’ for some reason that this person lose the case, or have I got this wrong that they are paying for it himself

This is a total waste of public money’’ it is only a pity that they had not paid the small fine at the beginning, but I do understand that they are making their stand for their Saviour and I respect that.

For red and yellow black and white, all are precious in God’s sight for we are all sinner no matter what name we call ourselves and we will all stand and give an account before the Almighty GOD

Electric Car Sham

Electric Car Sham

Renault is one of possibly the many companies that are charging for the batteries in the electric cars’ well what I mean they are charging for rental of the cells it could be said you own the car but not the engine so to speak.

And to put the icing on the cake, they are charging per mile for to guarantee that the batteries work well? Well? Well? 75 percent effective’’ at the starting price of £49 for doing 4,500 miles and the more miles, the higher the rate. I would call a what I would call a sham.

WHY 75/% why not 99/% after all are you not paying for the car why should you be victimised for not having an engine why not a fair one of charge for a standard 12,00 miles I believe that that would be fair rather than be ripping the public off.

So instead of buying the car you are only rented it this seems to me a bit of a sham I would have thought that the manufacturer’s warranty would cover the batteries for at least 100,000 miles it’s bad enough being ripped off by the petrol companies but now by the car manufacturers.

When will the Government step in to make it fairer playing field for all?

one of the benefits is for the electric car you have got free electrical points at some supermarkets and it free > well that if they are not in use or they are just used as permeant parking space for some selfish driver, this also needs to be dealt with some control

Not following in father’s footsteps

Not following in father’s footsteps

As the old saying is following in father footsteps, this was not the case with Eli's sons. Who offered strange fire before the Lord and the Lord destroyed them, and Eli suffered the consequences the scriptures even though they served in the temple and assisting their father in the priestly duties these sons were a sham for their office that they helped'' it was an embarrassment to their father.

And surprised enough Samuel sons'' were not much better. It's strange I read about his sons', and I have never come across his wife mentioned in the bible. As an old woman said, the saying is never proud of what you are carrying because you never know how they will grow up like

Could this be soul destroying for any parent wanting the best for their children ending up having to visit them in prison yet of all people you would have thought of all people Samuel would have got perfect children, but this was not the case?

As I have said the woman said one time ‘don’t be proud of what you're carrying as she was talking to the young woman that was expecting ‘‘kids can be a blessing ‘. Or a blight ‘and it a sorry state of affairs’ or the rest of your life a burden.

But there are many that desire to have children. And That want kids for some unknown' or medical reason cannot have them. And yet every second a child is being'' aborted'' or in my words the unborn being' destroyed'' at the expense of the taxpayer I suppose you could call it this wicket generation.

And these people in Samuel day used circumstance. Of Samuel sons as an excuse to get their way after all they did want a King and that was the perfect opportunity to get what they wanted, and they did at a high cost they wanted to change ‘they wanted to be like the rest of the nations an earthly King and they got one.

As it been said to be careful what you ask for ‘for, you might get it

The Temple.   John chapter  4 VS.23

The Temple

The sad fact is it’s only natural to think that life will not come to an end regardless of your theories the scriptures teach it is appointed to man once to die and after that the judgment. And regardless what you think you will have to visit the unknown you say that there is no God well just wait and see for you will know one way or another after you die.

And when you discover like so many who have rejected Christ and insulted the God of Heaven and Earth it’s too late it’s not only impossible to turn back the clock, but time does not exist in eternity, and you have made an unfortunate error of judgement.

It’s strange how some atheist. Can mock God like one on the Irish radio who stated when he died he was going to give The Almighty a piece of his mind for being all-knowing and blaming God for all the trouble and suffering in the world. But like so many they always never ‘’seem to blame the Devil.

And do not see themselves a mere worm in the sight of the Almighty God, like so many who stands before Him He'' as they will be speechless'' they will be like the dog barking'' when the sun came out, well you may ask what happened'' the sun kept on shining

Today if you hear His voice do not harden your heart but give it to The Lord Jesus who only can forgive your sin and make you part of His family

Only one life it will soon be past and just what done for Christ will last. 

1 John--- chapter 5 vs.3

Love thy Neighbour

Love thy neighbour as thy self? The world is often speedy to point this out, but so often they speak with fork tongue. That they would say one thing and mean another 'like the Albert in Belfast, they have more than one face to talk.

Jesus says! Love thy neighbour, in the old testament it says! Kings 8-3 trespass against thy neighbour. And of course, the word content -disdain= disrespect scorn hatred

Love suffers long love is kind' thinks no evil, not easily provoked.

To love Jesus is to die to self' and live for the Lord. To love him with all your heart and soul and mind regardless whether or not your neighbour is using you like a doormat' the bible says it's better to suffer for it and let God vindicate you' God might be slow, but His timing is good

It was David Livingstone had to give up his place which he had built and furnished all because of the missionary that was helping wanted the spot 'so he started to bad mouth David Livingstone who walked away and went to set up some were else even at significant cost to himself and his family.

Being accused of some time, you did not do or not your fault' it's a hard pill to swallow. So much so it can affect your health as well as your pocket because it can become like poison in your system. It can become soul destroying. So let it go and go on and love your God with all your heart and soul and mind For the Lord God loves you more than you realise  

Words can heal.   Words can hurt

 but words can be what love about

but there is a certain kind a'' words'' you can do without

David's Word's

The old saying is sticks and stones will break your bones, but words will never harm me when you're dead and in your grave, you will suffer what you called me.

But that not the whole truth word can do more damage that stones or sticks'. Those that are very professional the way they use them. To inflict hurt on those they are trying to undermine the person and causing undue harm. You may find it in the workplace or even in church. Or your place of worship. As a Pastor said about a person that when to his church one time she is a bad seed. She may have worn the religious cloak but like the five foolish virgins was an empty vessel where there is no pleasure. And as the bible states, we reap what we sow, and there are no exceptions.

Because someone is a Christian or a child of God does not say that they will always get it right. That they will not fall or sin and when it happened God will eventually expose them that they would repent and get back in right relationship with God.

And here we have David the next King not only did he stay with enemies he was going to fight against his people but wasn't trusted to do so. Was sent back to Ziglag to discover that the Amalekites had invaded the land! Samuel 30-1. And burned Ziglag with fire' but had taken captive. Children and woman and anyone else that they could lay their hands. All the people in including David wept exceedingly so much so that he own people with him were going to stone him

David's words! And David encouraged himself in the Lord vs.6 when all hope fails' to turn to Jesus. He knows he loves and Jesus cares everything he lost restored' the blight was now a blessing and God turned what was evil for goods.

Cast you burden on the Lord  Matthew --chapter 11-28

Burden =Transferred

Cast Your Burden On the Lord.

It said that a heart transplant is an operation to replace damaged or failing heart with a healthy human heart from a donor who recently died. Then tragedy strikes' what' will the doctors' or surgeons' do' with a broken heart. Swallowing tablets, medicine. Transplant, cannot heal the broken in heart. Or when someone stole from you, or you put your trust in someone, and they turned it into poison and used it against you for evil. It like someone getting a knife and pushing it through you and twisting it and their not a thing you can do without making matters worse.

Or being accused in the wrong' you could say a character assassination. It's like someone throwing mud at you for all to see. But it,s not your dirt, and the humiliation that goes with it, even if the court system finds you innocent. The hurt and the pain is still there, and there is nothing you can take to get rid of it, as they say, give a dog a bad name, and it will stick to it.

Jesus said! Wow to the world from whom offences come. It would be better than a milestone 'being tied around your neck' and cast into the sea. If you offend one of these little ones, who believe in me.

I do not only believe he was talking about harming children but ''His children'' for He said Himself vengeance is mine Saith The Lord and I will repay.

A man who never bothered his doctor when his system broken down and need help thinking that the doctor could give him good advice.

He was trying to talk to he broke down especially when he mentioned going to court. The conversion went dead, and left was told to make another appointment which he did. A second time he came back to the surgery they kept him waiting till he was the last patient left. Then he saw a woman Doctor who he through was a junior. The man broke down in the surgery looking at the Doctor who kept looking at the clock with those words there is nothing I can do. I could refer you to someone else with that Left. The man was devastated. There was a shortage of compassion. He had felt like a dead dog all it took was someone else to kick him. He went on his way home standing at the train station.

Waiting for his train thinking should He end it all as he stood at the edge. Thinking all my troubles would be over my life is no longer of value. I should finish it by throwing myself under the train. But he understood one significant thing

. That God cares' and regardless of your circumstances, There is nothing too hard for God. Even if you get it wrong it not the end of the world. It's just another trail you had to face, to come to wit's end corner. To trust the Lord even if the ground should disappear from under him, God was well able to hold him up.

The LORD JESUS said come unto me you who are weary and heaven laden and I will give you rest, have you ever been at the seaside or a lake and thrown stones into it, did you ever try to retrieve them.

Not likely, you might add '' well that's what you do went you cast your burden on the LORD leave it with HIM. Then you go and wait in THE LORD's presence and allow Him to heal that broken heart and bind up those wounds

The Lord says this some of my people bring their burden to ME, instead of leaving them, they pick them up again!take your weight to the Lord and leave it there

Elijah's Dilemma

Throwing in the Towel 1 Kings 19-4

Throwing in the Towel 1 Kings 19-4

You might say, George, what has thrown in the towel got to do with Elijah's dilemma. Lord take my life I am no better than my father's. Lord, I have failed you Was his cry' to his Lord. He had done everything humanly possible' to get God's people from a backslidden state. Back on the right track. But it was the people at the top. Or the ones in charge' that were not living right. That was causing God's people to go astray. He had just demonstrated the power of LORD by rebuilding the altar. And calling down fire from heaven to consume the sacrifice. That he had told them to pour water upon it not only once but three times till the water ran down the trenches then call upon the Name of the Lord and then the fire fell not only consumed the sacrifice but licked up the water around the channels.

Then he received a death threat from the Kings Wife Jezebel. Instead of accepting the outcome, she was looking for blood. Elijah blood, as far as Elijah was concerned, he had failed. It would be better for God taking his life for it seemed life no longer had a purpose. Your prophets have been; murdered 'Lord, and I am the only one left (1kings 19-10). And God said to Elijah I have seven thousand in Israel that have not bowed the knee to Baal.

God had said to Elijah all it was not wasted' there are those like yourself that have not bowed the knee to Baal. Now, this is how I intend to deal with these at the top, and I have also got your replacement I honestly believe that the isolation was too much for him and one thing he missed was the company of those that loved and served THE LORD.

Have you got the spirit of Elijah to be jealous for the Lord God of Host wanting Gods people to worship Him with all their hearts, soul, mind?

Are you discouraged that the love of many has waxed cold, what did God say to Elijah WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE! _Vs.13 stay in the place was God had called you to be' as they say that the grass is not as green' on the other side, get alone with God till you hear the small voice not the wind or the fire but that low voice.


Words or Worship John 4-23 Part one

Its sad that too- day that some Christians depend upon words, instead of worship. They all seem to sing from the same hymn sheet as though God had taken a vacation or maybe a holiday and has forgotten not only is God beside us but within the Child of God '' did he not say I will never leave thee nor forsake thee'' also'' He said! Even to the end' and never forsake thee. '

I senior man was going through an operation and was informed by the surgeon the danger involved with this miner operation. Which the elderly man replied,' dying is not the issue', but suffering is'' well he did not want to get an infection. Dying for him was to rest in the arms of his Saviour'' Well that's different, but some of us do not get a choice. When sickness comes or tragedy we can be left isolated but remember we never alone it was the psalmist that said though the earth from under him disappear yet will I trust God well that's real words!


And here we came to the woman at the well. She had plenty to say to the Saviour. She said this' to Jesus' Our fathers worshipped in this mountain and you say Jerusalem is the place to worship. Jesus did not only see the adulterous woman only. He knows her religion' she only saw a man, and now she sees the Saviour' who looked into her heart. Who did not only hear her words, but her life was an open book before Him.''

Jesus loves the sinner regardless how far they have fallen, in vs 29 the woman proclaims Jesus the Messiah she could not believe that she had an audience with The Lord of Glory and in the woman words in vs. 29 come and see '' Is this not the Christ

His Lips ===Job 2-10

While reading Isaiah 29-13 it says these people draw nigh with their mouth, and with their lips do not honour me.

One of the problems was their heart, and their teaching was not one with their mouth, its not surprising that even Isaiah was infected by them, so much so that he cried out before the Lord I am a man of unclean lips its amazing, you think you have got it made and just one look at Him shows up all imperfections.

It would be like looking into a mirror and rediscovering what you’re not, and how far short of the picture of how’ you see yourself.

But in stating that its often been said the closer you get to the Lord the more unworthy you feel.

It has also been said to get to be like the people you live with, but not true in the case of Danial or Job

James 3-4 in Gods word behold ships though they are great are driven off by fierce winds a very small helm vs 8 the tongue can no man tame, it is unruly evil, full of deadly poison as we bless God and curse men which are made after the similitude of God

But in saying all this Solomon says in the book of Proverbs 5 –1-2 Listen what The Lord God has to say bow thine ear to my understanding that thou mayest regard discretion, and that thy lips may keep knowledge.

God had only to clean Isaiah lips up once , for he never forgot that encounter with the Lord ,regardless how you walk is with the Lord unclean lips= is a filthy life well my saying 

Gather up the Fragments that nothing be lost               John 6-12   (redone)

Have you ever heard the saying look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves you may well ask George what has this got to do with that scripture John chapter 12 vs 6 well here’s how the story goes?

Jesus just had performed a miracle by feeding the multitude He had taken very little to provide for so many what the Saviour used was 5 barley loaves and 2 small fishes to feed this multitude of people.

What also is essential in the story, is the fact that the disciples took up twelve baskets full of broken pieces you could say one for each disciple, not half empty but every basket full, remember God will not leave you half empty, but only fill you to the full, if you empty,’’ self’’ so to speak.

There are two lessons in this vs on the practical not to waste food, there seems to be a waste culture does not matter, well if it cannot be eaten, well it could be dumped’ why not make less and have less waste, well every time food is being thrown out that is money being dumped well that’s my saying.

The second lesson is this, the old year has passed we are now into 2018, yet there are promises that God has either given us last year or in previous years that have not yet being fulfilled and the only seen like scraps of broken bread to us should we leave them’ or do what Jesus said! in John chapter 6 vs 12.

Pick up the pieces that nothing be lost, those unfilled promises that are the leftovers for last year pick them up’ and present them before the Lord’’ in the words of the choir’s writer expect a miracle every day hope a miracle when you pray if you desire it God will find a way to perform a miracle for you each day. God gives you what you expect; you won’t be disappointed.

I pray for God riches blessing for you this year

You’re in Christ



Forgive us our trespasses

One of the fundamental principles of the Christian is forgiveness you could say it is the code of conduct it sets the Child of God apart from the world, and brings them closer to the Lord, how much you forgive someone will determine how much God will forgive you, you may ask George where do you get that from is that the teaching of Jesus.

Jesus even said in the Lord’s prayer forgive us our trespasses ‘as we excuse, I suppose that could be the question how far are we willing to forgive someone, if I could put it another way, how much do we expect God to forgive us, to forgive someone partly is only to assume partial forgiveness from God.

Your Pastor can let you down, your church can let you down, your friends can let you down and the saddest part your family can disappoint , but the best part of all is that all might fail’’ but Jesus never He will never let you down He did say if anyone will come after me let Him take up his cross and follow me for them that will save their life will lose it, and them that will lose their life for my sake will keep it.

I was asked one time George how is it possible to forgive, for every time I remember what these people or person did to me the pain gets worse, my answer to that person was this you have to forgive every time it comes to memory an old Saint of God used to spend hours on his knees in till God totally healed him of the hurt, and that’s what the problem is when you have been wronged it does to heart and sometimes leave’s a scar or a sorry state in your mouth so to speak , but for your souls sake forgive them.

One day an unsaved person had a go at a Christian said something unkind and expected them to turn the other cheek, but the Christian came back and took the ground from under them so to speak, they were devastated so much so that they went to one of their unsaved friends and explained what had happened and she replied how many cheeks does a Christian have?

The Christian sometime later asked her why you have defended me, for, after all, she did not know him, she said my son is a Christian and the place where he works the give him a hard time.

I know of a case was a mother thought more of her dog, than she thought of her daughter, I was told when she died she left the money to the dog, or the person who was in charge of the dog, then after about six months of her death they either sold the dog or give it away.

We might not always understand our children, but we have to forgive them regardless of the cost, I don’t believe we have to pamper them but forgive them, and give them a fresh start, for where would we be if Jesus hadn’t loved us

If we are going to hate anything or anyone lets us hate sin (my saying )

Our Blog

.Gods Love Letter

Our First Blog Entry

January 15, 2018      The Epistle of Paul to Philemon

The Epistle of Paul to Philemon

I heard it said it’s never too late to do the right thing. This man who ran away was called Onesimus. He was a slave to Philemon, but as Paul states in his letter to Onesimus. Master Philemon that could not come to Rome and collect him but if he had taken anything, Paul promises to repay him.  

    Asked Philemon not to treat Onesimus as a slave but as a brother in Christ as Paul had led him to Jesus, but also reminds Philemon that he was indebted to him.

It seems to be the thing that is lacking in the churches forgiveness and someone having the guts to pay a debt that he did not owe why Paul should stick his hand in His pocket to help a so-called thief as many would suspect

Or was Onesimus a thief would it have been the cost of what Philemon paid for him or the loss of him running away and maybe having to replace him ‘’well we might never know, but there was a prize involved if you love someone there is always a price involved.

A friend of mine was in the shopping Centre with his wife. The Lord said to him to take money out of the cash machine and gave it to these Missionaries and he had just said to his wife, are you thinking what I am thinking, she said yes. They hunted to find these people, saw them, in that shopping Centre and give them the money.

Jesus said to Peter how much do you love me? A little or a lot my words if you're in love with someone you will go that extra mile.

What Paul did was out of the Love he had for his Saviour to forgive is one side of the coin and to give is the other my saying.

        You cannot outdo GOD in your giving

Our Second Blog Entry

February 14, 2018     Marcus or John Mark  

Here is a man of God that could not stick the pace. So much so that Paul refused to take him on his second missionary journey. Well in all fairness can you blame Paul he needs people who were sold out and were prepared to brave the elements whatever life throw at them or their Saviour and Lord. Not so with Marcus or John Mark he just gives up on Paul's first missionary journey

Marcus mother was not only wealthy but in position in Jerusalem acts 12-12’’ Its Matthew Henry that says! that Barnabas was his cousin and that his biography proves that our failure in life does not mean the end of your ministry or your usefulness after all he did write the book of Mark

Thank God for people like Barnabas that are prepared to put a friendship on the altar to give a brother or sister a second chance. Or maybe a third and fourth, after this we never hear of Barnabas it cost his journeys with Paul. But his vision for Marcus came true; he was not useless but useful’ as Paul later said bring Mark for he is profitable for the ministry.

You may fall out with your brother, or sister, but as they say, blood is thicker than water. Well that the Blood of the Lord Jesus so to speak! We might not always understand why they had rejected us. With God’s grace, we can forgive them and bury the hatchet, so to speak. As one young man asked a Pastor were ‘’ not between the scull ‘’ was the answer. ‘’

Someone has said that the Christian buries its wounded, but like the Phoenix, Christ can raise them from the ashes or cinders and restore them again  

Our Latest Blog Entry

March 15, 2018

.Gods Love Letter/ 

                       Thus saith The Lord To my child, To the one I love

Just want you to know

Whatever happens, my: love; will never grow cold.

You may get down and wonder why?

You’re pray’s are not answered when you cry;

But I the Lord know, what is best, for it is just another test.

And when I am finished;

I will give you my best.

For you may not know why? Things happen so.

But according to My word

I will never let you go.

So look up, and trust Me.

For I am Faithful and True,

For I the Lord have promised,

I will never forget you

                                                     Poem  written by George

Offering of Praise

Glorifying God 

It’s the catechism that says man’s chief end is to praise God and enjoy Him forever; it means enjoy? Not injured, it’s the hymn writer that cry’s out O worship the Lord O glorious above, O let us adore Him.

He alone deserves our worship not only in public but in private, before His Holy presence to sing of His love his goodness and His mercy, His longsuffering His forgiveness,

He has not dealt with us according to our sins. But he has shown compassion remembering that we are but dust and dust we shall return. It’s Danial that prayed and asked for forgiveness for his sins and Gods people, yet I cannot find in scripture one of Daniel’s crimes, the prophet was under a foreign Government not of his choosing in Babylon but all because God people sinned against the Lord.

In that place, he was still able to worship His God regardless of the consequences. Three times a day he prayed, you could say if God wanted to find Daniel at any one time he would be on his knees before the Lord worshipping Him.

Who shall ascend to the hill of the Lord but them with clean hands and a pure heart, as the children choirs would have it said? O to be a Daniel O to stand alone O to have a purpose sure O of making it known.

God deserves our worship not our words, not from the head but the heart a daughter spoke to her father one time and had mentioned, about her job and had said’ Dad ‘what do I do? Her father replied just shine, shine for Jesus, don’t do or say anything to block Gods light, but allow God light to shine through you

The world is a dark place if they had their way they would disown the Christ of Christmas’ The Lord God’s only Son’ the hymn writer said! One day when heaven was filled with its praises one day when sin was as black as could be Jesus was born in a manager dwelt among men my example was He. Living He loved me dying He saved me, buried carried my sins far away, rising He justified freely forever, one day He’s coming O glorious day, O what a day that will be when our Jesus we shall see when he takes by the hand and leads us to that precious land.


Fret Not

Wear Out --Psalm 37

This word has been in my heart all week it came to me like so many other of my blogs while in prayer before the Lord fret not? In other word do not wear yourself out as on translation puts it, bring your burden to the LORD and leave it there or as the scriptures state cast your weight upon the Lord. I can remember as a young tradesman I did not have a car at that time use go from job to job carrying a bag of the tool on my back. 

          It was great when I went to an appointment with another tradesman, who had a car. It was a burden lifted off my back. Suppose I had have decided I was not going to leave my tools in the boot his vehicle.But to get into a car with my tools on my back sounds stupid, and it is so. It’s like going to God with your burden or problem leaving it upon His altar, them picking it up again it was the chorus writer that said!

He never will say I am too busy today. Every tear every care He has promised to be there. Even though He is the Lord of all Glory is only a pray away, the scriptures say God has put your tears in a bottle even as they are in the book, Jesus Knows, Christ He Loves, and He Cares.

A few year’s ago I had gone to the supermarket this week with my wife she would find it difficult not only in walking but she cannot use one of her hands. Because of a stroke as I no longer have the car, we would have to take the bus. So no matter how much pain she would suffer.. Would never complain, but always make’s an effort to go out. Well, that’s by the way, when at the supermarket I decided to go to one of these self-service tills. Everything was going through on the self-service, so I went to pay for the items as I reach for my wallet my wife trying to help. I had pressed the options on the screen. When I looked up it was blank, I had to look away from the screen again, and again I had to press the back button, and when it happened a third time I had to say to my wife just leave it alone I sort it out, and I did. Is this what God is telling you to leave it alone I will sort it out?

In Psalm 37 it says fret, not thy self because of evildoers. Neither be thou envious against workers of iniquity for they shall soon be cut down like the grass and wither as the green herb. Trust –Delight – Commit- Rest – Cease, if anyone knew what it was like being out frying pan into the fire so to speak; it was the Psalmist David.

God does not want you to fret? but to follow HIM   

to be updatted

Poor Man saved the City

City Saved Ecclesiastes 9-15

A man of God one time said God Loves the poor, for He made a lot of them. In Proverbs it says a poor man is better than a liar, well that speaks for its self. The scriptures also state about this poor man that cried unto the Lord and the Lord heard him and delivered him from all his troubles A Person said even Darwin, the theory of evolution, there was a poor man that had already said what Darwin had said. But of course, Darwin gets the credit, for the evolution theory. Even though a Pastor said he repented on his deathbed, Darwin was a man that sometimes fails to pass the exam for the ministry then started up this evolution theory, as they say, money speaks, well the only thing money means to me is to say!goodbye.

Here in the scriptures is a poor man. The scriptures state a great King came against this city its said that there were few people in it. But there was an unfortunate wise man that through his wisdom delivered the city, and after what he has done. Was forgotten. Have you ever worked for a firm, when you worked your heart and soul off so to speak they let you go? And kept that lay about, I mean someone, that the word work is a swear word, and now you are forgotten.

There is another unfortunate man on earth. Who left Heaven they said God Empty Heaven’ when He sent His Son, on His salvation mission. He gives His life on Golgotha what we call Calvary. To pay the price for humanity sins, by the shedding of His blood and His death on that cross. He is rich but for our sake became poor, born in a stable, went about doing good. Was executed by those religious leaders of his day, and yet to-day forgotten His Name is being used as a swear word by the world today. But He is bypassed to-day even at Christmas they take Christ out of it with Xmas

The hymn writer says! We have a risen Saviour He in the world today I know that He is living no matter what men say. John 3-16 repent of your sin and accept the Lord Jesus as your Saviour, and you will find the reason for living

Messenger needed Isaiah 6-8

A heavenly Call

Someone has said that there are three types of commutation telegraph, telephone and tell a woman, well personally I think that’s a bit cruel for, after all, some men are as bad and maybe worse than a woman in gossip?

Have you ever been in that place with God. Were He speaks into your heart. Samuel knew all about this, speak Lord, for your servant heareth was his reply! God talked with Moses face to face, as a man would talk to his friend. With the disciples after seeing Moses and Elijah wanted to build something to remember them. And God said of the Saviour; this is my beloved Son hear him’ was the voice of heaven, in other words, listen to Jesus.

So often we could be guilty of telling God what the problem is. You might not realise’ that we could be the problem. Here was Isaiah prophesying ’In the name of the Lord to Jerusalem and Judah. let us reason Saith the Lord through your sins be as scarlet they shall be white as snow. Was unaware that he was contaminated and was not aware of it unclean lips meant a filthy life

Isaiah lived a good life it was not his life was the problem but was his lips, Lord if I dwelt with a different type of people my lips would not be like this (my thoughts!)

God may have given you some particular gift. in the healing ministry. or the gift of what is called help’s or maybe prophecy or wisdom or knowledge whatever your gift always remembers at your best’ you are only a sinner saved by grace, God not just wants you to use your gifts but also to forgive others also give to others as it says in in Matthew 25

God made pre- perpetration for the cleansing of Isaiah. As He has done for us for the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses from all sin. Once he was clean when he heard the cry, and answered the call this was a rude awaking for Isaiah, but once Isaiah felt that he was a dead man. Not only seeing what he saw but seeing the King in all His Glory and then given a commission, Who shall I sent, who can I trust to take my message, who will go