Why should any Child of God read the Bible? Sure if you read it occasionally inevitably, that will suffice. Surely God would not expect me to read the whole thing. After all 'some parts I do not understand, and after all, I read the promises and some parts of the new testament, and I get along quite well.

Have you ever got a what I would call a love letter? ' If you have or read a contract. Which part would you read the beginning or the middle or the end don't be silly George you always read from the beginning 'then why do you not read the Bible that way?

Jesus said! man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeded out of the mouth of GOD 

Shamgar's Victory. Judges 3-31

When we read of King David who killed a giant and some of his mighty men after this episode, yet here is the son of Anath, just one vs in the Bible given to his great victory.

It's reckoned that the ox goad used for sharpening a plow, Its said that it could be as long as-as eight foot with a spoke on one end and a chisel-shaped blade on the other as Matthew Henry says! It substitutes nicely for a spear.

It William Mc Donald that says in his commentary calls it an ox goad a sharp pointed instrument used to prod oxen, he makes the point this is another instance in Judges where God uses a "weak thing" to accomplish a mighty victory.

I do like the bit where he says this is a pilgrim using the word of God.

I do not know what he used but or how it could be possible for one man to slay six hundred men with an ox goad or how David slew that giant Goliath or the exploits of King David's mighty men.

But I do know that could not have done it without the LORD GOD.

So as I say again as the choir's writer except for a miracle every day except a miracle when you pray if you except God will find a way to perform a miracle for you each day

Lips service

Someone has said that a politician is someone who can tell you to get lost as if you are taking a holiday would you call that lip service.

In God word, it says that they honour me with their lips, but their heart is far from me

It's not lips service that God requires its life service praising God is good but putting it into practice is another thing.

Lying lips cannot attain the pleasure of honouring God’s Holy Name “well that’s my saying.

They that cannot control their tongue in the book of James it says that their religion is in vain

You may have the walk, but your talk can destroy your testimony.

Legalism to the moral law, not to one's faith the Pharisees had it all legalism based yet Jesus said except your rightness exceeds the rightness of the Pharisees you cannot enter the kingdom of God.

The bible says that we live by faith, not by fault-finding it's noted that even that the angels do not speak

Have we become a nation of fault finders? That we question everything, even GOD. The atheist finds fault in the Lord, and this is a laughing matter how can you find fault with someone you say does not exist. As one of them commented on Irish radio, that he was going to give God a piece of his mind! For the mess he left this world in Well he’s a bigger fool than I take him for the bible says that the fool says in his heart that there is no God well that’s what God word says

Our lips can destroy our testimony James calls it a small rudder that guides a big ship it can bring you to shore or hit the rocks; it can be a blessing or a blight it can honour God or dishonour the Lord Jesus said let your yes be yes, and you're no no

Leaders not Liked in their Generation

Moses,        Sir Winston Churchill              , Donald Trump.

Moses was one of the greatest prophets of his time few million people he had to look after leading them through a desert. Many of them felt he was not fit for the job even members of his own family close to him, who is this man Moses, or we will pick our own captain or leader and go back to Egypt.

Sir Winston Churchill was a war hero, the best in his generation even when his enemies had him locked up in prison he was feared by them and feared lest he should escape, and he did

The government at the time did not even hold him in high regard but done everything they could to undermine him, yet his integrity held firm and no matter what job he was given he done it exceptionally well for his King and country. Yet times in his life he was despised, and when others got off the hook where he took the blame even when it was not his fault.

And in to-day Generation, we got Donald Trump the USA President only a businessman who wants to make the USA great again by providing Jobs for his beloved country, yet he despised throughout the world his only major fault that he’s on Twitter and uses it consistently and the opposition party are doing everything to undermined him.

Also, he does not believe on abortion; many hate him for saying he denies woman’s rights, yet they have to murder these live unborn babies 185,824 abortions were carried out on women and girls in England and Wales last year. That was 1,253 (0.7%more. With taxpayer’s money, this is what I would call blood money.

These kids never had a chance to speak up for themselves but are just dumped in a bin as rubbish I not only believe in woman’s rights but in the rights of the living unborn child.

But the Almighty is kept out of the equation, and our Government will have to answer before the Lord God of this unnecessary mass murder of these live unborn 


Life of the unborn child is precious and to reject it and bin it. It’s disgraceful I can understand if there is a severe medical reason will that could be the acceptation to the rule, but should not be Law

Its recorded that there are +202402 per year this is entirely unaccepted that these young lives should be taken without consideration for those unborn children

What does it cost for abortion well roughly between £600 - £2000 even if it’s free the taxpayer has to pick up the bill I don’t think that’s right .

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February 14, 2018       Donald Trump USA President 

It would have seen that a significant number of people in the UK do not want Him to visit the G. Britain as soon as he would speak his word to them seem like poison.

Well what I can’t understand people who have committed terrorist offences, can sit in Parliament who have done the evil deed there does not seem to be any protest about them.

Yet we can have foreign Leaders in whose country do not have equal rights they can come here, and nothing is said about them, how would we fell if this President of the USA refused to see our PM or Queen, would that not be classed as an insult.

The old saying is you do not bite the hand that feeds you? If the to leave the E.U. it will need all the support; it can get. And what will happen in the future if a new President takes office in the USA and he’s got no time for Britain as the old saying goes you reap what you sow?

You could say hold on here George there is plenty of people in America that fell the same way’ well maybe so I do not hear any of those people refusing to take the reduction in tax this is what Donald Trump brought in. If they fell so vehemently against him, they should return it as a protest till he leaves office 

Jesus said! your time is always ready

Are you ready to Go?

March 15, 2018

There have been many jokes about passing on or dying. It's no longer funny . When it comes knocking on your door unexpectedly’ what different it would make.

This person before he died said he heard a knock on the front, so the man answered it, and ask him his name ‘well he said you find him a few doors down. The man was dressed in black, and a few horses and carriage are waiting at the front door, you could say well that’s a lucky escape ‘you could say a reprieve for a brief time only.

I always thought that you would never go before your time, till I came across this scripture’ your time is always ready ‘We decide for holidays and for important engagement not even considering that we could go at any time.

It was said of Jesus that when he was a child, he uses to look out for Joseph return from the market expecting to receive something. 

           But now Jesus is in Heaven with open hands to see what we must bring him. will he be disappointed in us if our hands are empty? Will Jesus see the Christian or the Critic, will He know someone who loves Him or the bare hands with a meaningless life

It said that the dead sea takes everything in and gives nothing out, start forgiven and giving and make it a living