SPARROW --- Poem       by George

SPARROW -- POEM.     by George

There a sparrow in my garden’ looking for its mate, I don’t think it found it. ‘

So, we have to wait'' ‘’to see what happens next nature takes its course'' will this sparrow find it'' or will all hope be lost

They say that life is not fair ‘well its open for debate’ but to this little sparrow, it never comes too late.

My garden is alive with a thing's that are so small’’ but before this little sparrow its’ dinner time for all.

Now the bigger birds are coming it flutters at its best’’, but my little sparrow'' just wants to build her nest. ‘

Dinner time is over'' and work it must begin'' to provide a home for those newborn'' and for all that dwell within.

For there are 'dangers'' all out there’’ and no one needs to know.

And now life has ended’’ fulfilling 'its purpose so.

For back to the one who made it,'' that’s where this sparrow goes.’

Jesus states its value.'' in the scriptures so '' for not one will fall to the ground 'as if He didn't know.

For God loves his creation '' and'' mankind'' much more.             For He has laid salvation at every person door', and all they have to do is ask Him to come in, and they shall know what's its like to be born again.

Poem by George

Kate M

It’s the royal duty to serve Queen’’, and country is it not so

From this will others benefit from their duties for the crown you know

But alas our Kate’ mind is set’ to do her thing without regret

So, to eat at the Queen's table, it will be fine ‘and the love of the public it deserted in time

Kate is a Queen in the making’ for all that can see.

Her job is to serve the country and me.

But alas my dear Queen ‘you don’t understand I am young and have my plans

Sorry to say my life is my own ‘’ the country you can run it’ and go on your own.

I may live in a palace, and that is just fine ‘with your son I did marry’ but my life’s mine.

The country needs you Kate ‘’ the love they have is real’’ please do not disappoint them’’ do your duty so’’ for the standard you set‘’ so will other’s be met.

Poem by George

Joel   chapter 2 vs. 28

The Dreamer

The Bible states and it said! As you dream of your bed, some come true others its said as these dreams pass through your head'' as a man thinks in his heart so shall it be.

Believe what you think, and it might be said! those thoughts came to pass that went through your head

Disappointed to be that they came to pass ''or happy to be that they were first class.

For Joseph did not know what he would be' as lay in the pit while his brothers had tea.

Sorry to say he was being sold '' by his brothers'' hated his dreams'' foretold.

Misfortune hits again as he's accused in the wrong 'yet faithful and true '' to jail with the fool.

O how can it be one so young as he '' should be taken from his family'' twenty pics of silver was the price paid, now his father thinks he's dead.

Yes'' faithful to God was this boy foretold, for God purpose and plan was about to unfold.

The butler and baker got a surprise one' one lost their head, and the other got a rise.

Exalted was Joseph to be next to the throne beside Pharaoh you see

All dreams fulfilled, and all is fine '' as Joseph was'' reconciled 'to his family in the olden time

The poem was written By George

2nd Timothy chapter 3 vs.16


B -Is for the beginning, for which man's lousy act did fall.

I---Is for the identity, the Bible has for all.

B-Is for the birth of the Son of God, who died on Calvary to bring back falling man again to the place where he must be.

L-Is for the love of which the Bible speaks, the longing of the heart of God, that all humankind may seek.

For one day, it will happen the Bible tells it plain, that all of fallen humanity shall stand, before a Holy God again.

E---Is the Eternal One, who has been before time began, for in the bible this book it gives directions to fallen man.

To seek His face, it may be so, yet for many will not be the case, for they think they can live, as they like as part of the human race.

But the Lord offers those that will come to Him, a promise of eternal life, to live in a world hereafter, there is going to be no strife.

Nor sickness or death nor shall be there, no fear, nor tears, nor sun nor moon, all time, and darkness shall disappear; the pearly gates the golden streets.

O what will it be like, to worship the Lord God morning noon and night, and when I look at Him and think of all I have done?

And see the marks and scars of God's beloved Son, His hand shall come out, and take me, to that heavenly place.

And I realise, I only here, all because of God's amazing grace.

\ FOR NOW THIS POEM THIS IS DONE LISTEN TO MY CLOSING LINE, For in the Bible states that you're a sinner, one day you will stand, and give account, to Almighty God, of what you did with His SALVATION PLAN  

For Jesus died and rose again and seated at Gods right hand, as in the Bible John 3-16, its part of God's perfect plan

Romans 3-23 Romans 6-23 Ephesians 2-8 Romans 10-13 Isaiah 64-6 Acts chapter 4 vs.12 

The poem was written By George

Matthew chapter 12 ves. 36--37.


Word can be spoken, and it's, so true

So long as they not affecting you

To misconstrue a word, you must

For words is said, and sad to say

They are written in stone in bygone day

You cannot take back what you said

You are better keeping it lock in your head

For rocks can hurt your body so

Words can destroy a Character, with a blow

And now the Lord has said it so with each word a Judgment blow

Poem written by George

Be  Holy For I am Holy Saith  The  Lord              Romans    chapter 6 vs.19

The Great Mistake Poem by George

Two sons of Aaron it’s said 'one day

Ministered in the tabernacle, before God in that way

It was not because they did not wash their array

It was not because they ministered that day

But the story is told to Aaron dismay

Your sons offered strange fire’ on God’s alter to-day

God’s judgment was swift ‘no mercy was shown

As fire came out before God’s Holy throne

As Nadab and Abihu lay dead on the floor

They will not be ministering at the altar anymore

So, minister’s warned

Do not make their mistake.’

As those two son’s of Aaron , who’s souls' God’ did take

Poem written by George

Be  Gods Patience Child          James chapter   5 vs.11

JOB Vs Patience (Poem)

GOD’S Patient Man  

The story is told long ago and written in the golden pages, all down through the golden ages and also through those old generations

That a man called JOB did stand the test’’ beat the Devil at his best, the Devil thought he could do, the worse to JOB and its right.

Before the Throne the Devil did stand and to hear those words, from the LORD’s own hand, have you seen my servant so,’ yes said ‘the serpent’, he did reply if take away, your hedge, and I have a go, and you see Job's not the man you thought him so

He thought he could challenge THE ALMIGHTY plan, and win that challenge from GOD’s own hand

For Job was not an ordinary man but was made to suit God's eternal plan, go and do your worse GOD said, but do not take my servant’s head

One after another, they came to JOB, telling him of the judgement foretold, family dead, and it’s so sad to lose one’s family'' and all that he had.

Again, the Devil did appear, and still, GOD said about his servant Job so dear, with all that you did, faithful to be a perfect servant is he.

Skin for skin the Devil did say'' any man will forsake the way,

Then poor Job'' was tortured, again, with all that Satan could do, to make him end.

And again, faithful he was to be, with all that had happened, and those friends had he, they tortured with words so cruel' not kind ,why'' did they come'' with words so cruel to add that pious  talk to the fuel.

God spoke to JOB at last 'as he repented' it’s all in the past, prayed for his friends, and it’s to be, JOB was restored with a new family

Whatever you go through is so sad, remember that JOB had it every bit as bad,

For with Patience he did win and had the LORD GOD talk to him,

For whatever life will throw at you, remember it's true' Job’ honoured GOD, and he does the same for you

The poem was written By George